Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay that last post yesterday was a joke no matter how politically incorrect.

Fair warning there are links today that really are xxx.

I keep my google search set to unfiltered. The consequences can turn up some weird stuff, like the time I was searching for a drunken clown image and found out there was clown porno, including dwarf clown porno. Well I may have topped that one.

I was searching for images of Teddy Bears (yeah yeah a story in itself, I'm such a sweet guy). I saw this image

and thought, 'Hey this could be funny'.

Well it turns out to be a hardcore gay porn site featuring a guy in a teddy bear outfit having gay sex. WTF. I'm a long standing member of the 'different strokes for different folks' school but this was so weird. Sex with guys and even sex with a guy in a giant squid costume. Wow, that's a turn on for someone? It's like a train wreak, too gory but take a glance.

Obviously it's a commercial site and there is a lot of humor going on, but sometimes kinky is just well so kinky. And what's with that name - Plushie Schwartz? Is he Jewish? Oy vey...

Here's the link - it's nsfw, xxx and gay as Truman Capote snorting coke off an escort's ass at Studio 54.



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