Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Vote for Change

The final Vote for Change concert was web-cast last night. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it all. Very fortunately I 'tuned in' in time to see the last 2.5 hours.
Saw the last Dixie Chick number (an old Bob Dylan folk song). I'm not a country music fan but I sure respect DC for speaking up against Bush. They've taken a lot of flack from the usual redneck CW fans and that shows some real cajones (for chicks???).

I then managed to get the laptop connected to the TV and sound system (my laptop has a NTSC video out - worked great). I was still on the wireless connection so parts of Dave Mathews would break up. A quick run around at the next break and a long damn cable run from the living room to the office and I was all set. Just in time to See Bruce & the E Street Band. Bruce did an instrumental of the Star Spangled Banner then Born in the USA. Michael Stipe(REM) joined Springsteen for a rendition of Because the Night.
John Fogerty came out and did a couple of songs with them including Fortunate Son (HA - that works for both Bush & Kerry in my book).

If I haven't said it before I am huge Bruce fan (something like 40 live concerts, and I know, there are bigger fans). He did Mary's Place with a long 'Revival Preacher Routine' in the middle of it. If you've ever seen him you probably know it. He talks like a preacher in a tent revival - usually about a lost soul needing love and being saved by Rock and Roll - usually funny and over the top. Last night's was aimed at the need to vote and a plug for Kerry. Still good and funny when he told the people at home to get up, get naked, place your hand on the TV, yell Halliburton three times.

The entire cast closed with a great version of Patti Smith's "People Have the Power."
Just a really great musical show and pretty good political message.



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