Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bakersfield History & More

I see Baketown has reciprocated my link. Thanks.
While I'm not too sure we have a lot in common one thing we both seem to do, is dig up Bakersfield history. On that note I've pointed out Gilbert Gia's stories that appear in The Blackboard before. Many of his stories go way back beyond my half century here but often include people or places I've known in that time. Be sure to go to the archives and look up a lot of the old stories.
This month's Out of The Past is by GEORGE GILBERT LYNCH - The Old Historic Watermill at Hart Park

The rest of that little rag ain't too bad either. From the archives be sure to read Randy Beeman's Freedom - More Than a Word
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As the so-called “culture wars” played themselves out in the classrooms, on the airwaves, and in our political institutions, America became a much uglier and dumber place. Civil discourse and debate apparently has degenerated into who can shout the loudest and wave the flag the highest, and the level of corruption and cynicism within our political culture is overwhelming. The political parties offer dolts, theocrats, and primadonnas as candidates, and corporate America, so enamored with globalism and short-term profits, has completely lost the concept that there is still a sovereign entity called United States of America.


And Baketown, be sure to check out Eddie Ruff's The 5th Column with 25 things to like about Bakersfield

6) I love La Cresta. The winding streets, the quiet hills. The proximity to the bluffs. It’s a beautifully designed masterpiece of a neighborhood, with small- and medium-sized bungalows mixed in amongst stately mansions. There is really no reason to go to La Cresta unless you live there, or are visiting someone who does – making it one of Bakersfield’s best secrets as far as wonderful neighborhoods go. Of course, the price of the homes there now belies the “secret” claim.
8) Our mostly-undeveloped eastern hills. When the neighborhoods really start popping up out there, they will so blow Rosedale away. It’s going to be the must-live-in area, I guarantee it. You just can’t beat the nice breeze, the beautiful views of the mountains and foothills, and the look of a hillside community. The northwest can keep its flat boring landscape, its dust and traffic – the east side is the place to be!


Okay I might be a little prejudiced there.



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