Thursday, March 10, 2005

Drag Racing Memories

Searching for some old images on Google in came across some pictures by a guy from Chicago that includes a trip he made out here to drag race at Famoso in 1965. Yes I was only 14, but I was, besides the electronic geek I became, a freak for cars, model building and in particular drag racing.
And why not, Bakersfield was big on racing and racing was big on Bakersfield.
Proof enough that this fellow Norb Locke made a trip out here in 1965 to race his twin rail.

Lots of nostalgic racing pics here besides Bakersfield

And just for fun, the last Bakersfield pic shows he made a trip to Dineyland and Marineland as part of the trip. A quarter to park at Disneyland! I think it's at least $15 now just to park. Arghhhhh.....



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The link to Norb Lockes site is:

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