Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Freedom of Speech - Free to be an ASS

Well I like Bill Mahr and his show Real Time. No I don't always agree with him. When he made the comments on the 911 hijackers that got Politically incorrectt canceled I was mad as hell at him. Mad because it was a stupid comment and madder because he didn't realize when to admit it and say so.
I think he's learned a few things but not always. His interview with Ward Churchill on this weeks show was abysmal. Reminded me somewhat of when he had Noam Chomsky on, two of the biggest assholes in the world. Churchill's comments on 911 victims was insensitive as well as stupid. They were designed to promote his agenda of telling all the white males what terrible things we've done to everyone else in the world. He has the nerve to suggest that the victims had it coming to them and the 911 highjackers were right. JERK!

Wait. Didn't I just defend free speech and political incorrectness in my last post?
Sure did. Sill do.
And I have the right to call it the bull manure I think it is. Yes it's painful that that makes it sound like I'm on the side of pit bulls like Hannity, Rush and O'Reilly. I find their tactics just as bad. They call Churchill a traitor. I'll just call him an ass.



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