Monday, March 07, 2005

Politically Incorrect - Free Speech

Anyone who knows me knows I'm Politically Incorrect - and proud of it. Frankly it's honest. To pretend that no other opinion disagrees with yours is wrong. Ask Larry Summers. Of course it's sometimes wise to be prudent and just keep your mouth shut, Hey I'm way out numbered by the women in my family - far be it from me to pull a Summers. Of course he didn't say they were dumber. He didn't say anything about individuals, just that men and women as a whole have different strengths. To anyone with their eyes open that should be obvious enough.

Here's a good article at Tech Central Station worth reading

Big academia suffers from the same problem of bias that afflicts the mainstream media. It's fine to be overtly politicized, but when you hide your biases behind a posture of perfect, disinterested neutrality, you insulate your biases from critical scrutiny. Behold the debacle of Memogate. Would CBS have behaved so recklessly but for its irrational certainty that its left-wing biases were nothing more than tough, objective journalism? Having concealed its prejudices for so long that it even fooled itself, CBS was rendered helpless when those same prejudices consumed its professional judgment.




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