Friday, March 04, 2005

Some more HST

When Hunter S Thompson checked out I saw a lot of people write RIP. Didn't seem quite right to me.
PLH (party like hell) sounds better. Maybe it was just not fun here anymore.

The last half of the 20th century will seem like a wild party for rich kids, compared to what's coming now. The party's over, folks. . . [Censorship of the news] is a given in wartime, along with massive campaigns of deliberately-planted "Dis-information". That is routine behavior in Wartime— for all countries and all combatants— and it makes life difficult for people who value real news.
Hunter S. Thompson - "When War Drums Roll" (September 17, 2001)

Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men's reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of the rat race is not yet final.



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