Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Father Garces

Here we go again. Move Father Garces' statue so Caltrans can improve Golden State Hwy. The museum? Right. Just like having the Beale Clock Tower there, it does nothing for our town there. It would have been a mistake to place it back in the middle of 17th and Chester, but it really did belonged right downtown somwhere.

I know, lets go just a little more north. Center field at Sam Lynn Ball Park. Any player who can hit FG gets dinner for two at Squizzler at The Ice House. They deserve it.

The original circle was grass and the statue sat in the middle just as it should have. (I can remember before the bridge was built, and yes I was preschool then thank you. We lived in Westchester right by the water tower. I think my dad would sometimes go around the circle 2 or 3 times just to thrill the kids and piss off mom.)

Does anyone remember when a few years back a city traffic engineer was ready to destroy the circle to make a "more conventional intersection". The uproar was amazing and the city backed down. Unfortunately Caltrans is not local and will probably not be so easy to sway.

If they really are going to move it, then it needs to be closer to the civic center. Maybe to the side of the courthouse or city hall. That or the ball park.



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