Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Web Comics

This is part 2 - the first part is below

Web comic strips. These are basically web only, not regular comics placed on websites. Some can be a little more colorful than your family newspaper fare. I'm not talking Tijuana Bibles (caution XXX content), which could be a whole story of their own, but often not G-rated either. - Horney boys, hot nyphms, God & The Devil, cute pets, a party animal pig, angels, sanctimonious Jesus freaks, devil followers and a dragon. Tatsuya Ishida also includes Notes from the Resistance. Good art and usually right on funny.

You Damn Kid by Owen Dunne - Plenty of good gags about priests and nuns and uptight catholic parents. I didn't grow up catholic but I had plenty of friends who did and went to parochial schools. Good art and lots of fun. Check the archives for the best ones. Right now he off on a kick trying Those Darn Kids, a cleaner version of the regular strip. Going the other way look for Norman P. Function, another strip he does and then be sure to read Norman's blog. Pretty funny stuff.

Sex & Violence by Aaron M. Holm - new posts have started again after a long pause. Terrific art and plenty of blood and guts. The guy seems to have his problems but I like the off beat strip. He did another named Joe Average that he's stopped. Ah well.......

Just Another Vice by Roger Sims - no longer updating. A drunken riot otherwise. Best read from the start. His other tries, The Retardos and Murger were so bad as to be almost funny.

Where the Buffalo Roam by Hans Bjordahl - okay I'm a geek, why not a geek cartoon.

Day by Day by Chris Muir - need a conservative bend to counter the Doonesbury. This strip is good enough to be syndicated. Not too hardline but plenty of good political skewers.

My very favorite for last.
Dr. Fun by Dave Farley - no it's not The Far Side but hey what is? This ones been around a long time and Dave's universe is just maybe weirder then Gary Larson's was. I prefer to read it by the week. And if it catches you be sure to read all about its history in the FAQ.

And just in case you get stumped by some of these be sure to check out
Dr. Fun seems to be a popular entry. I wonder why.

That's all for today kids. Part 3 will go into cartoons on film and TV.



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