Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Other Blogs

A couple of blogs of note.

Arianna Huffungton has a blog going - all the news that's fit to mock

And in light of a new Star Wars release try Darth Vader's blog
including a very touching Mother's Day reflection.....

Some masters were kind, and others were cruel. She came to Tatooine and worked beneath the twin suns. When she became "inexplicably" pregnant she was sold for less than her weight in meat, from Gardulla the Hutt to Watto, a Toydarian junkman with a soft heart despite a hard tongue.

And I was born.

"Two for the price of one! How do you like that?" is what my mother says Watto yelled out to everyone who came by the shop that day. Then he slapped my mother's ass and reminded the men of her impressive flexibility. "Fifty oldster-standard nuggets for an hour, hah? Good bargain, hah? Smile for the nice men Shmi."

And she would. She would smile. My mother could always smile. She smiled as she died in my arms.


Very sad.... Oy!



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