Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Arnie Loses

I've not said much about yesterday's election beforehand. Yes, you're welcome. I voted No on all but the redistricting proposition and that was questionable as the politicians were the ones to select the panel of judges. Some said it would just be a bunch of old white men drawing the lines. So I should have a problem with that? (I prefer to think of myself as middle aged but hey I'm headed that way.)
Arnie thought he could just go around the democrats and get his way. That big melon of his may have shrunk a size of two (is that possible?). When Arnie got elected I predicted he would butt heads with the democratic legislature and have all his macho-take-charge-and-fix-things attitude get a dose of political reality.
The Terminator really doen't work as The Govenator.



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