Thursday, November 03, 2005

March of the Pigopolists

Digital Rights Management = Hell for consumers' fair use.
As if we need anymore proof that large corporations run this country and our so called representative.

FLUSHED with its success in defeating P2P pirates, the movie industry is lobbying to get senators to back a plan to ban on making digital copies of analogue recordings.

Called the "Analog Hole" bill, it will make anyone who makes a digital copy of a telly program or a film from an analogue signal into a pirate.

But they have no conscience anyway.........
THE MOVIE industry has sued a 67 year old man for $600,000 because his grandson downloaded four movies to a P2P site, iMesh.

The Motion Picture Association of America filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Fred Lawrence, of Milwaukee.

Originally the MPAA sent a letter to the grandfather demanding he pay $4,000. Lawrence, who admits he is a little naïve about IT matters, said he couldnt afford $4,000. The MPAA upped the ante.

And Sony BMG borks your computer.......

The latest headache for security professionals has become a secret weapon in the battle between copyright owners and their customers.

This week, two research groups independently and separately reported that music giant Sony BMG has used software hiding techniques more commonly found in rootkits to prevent removal of the company's copy protection software. A rootkit is software that hides its presence on a computer while controlling critical system functions, and security professionals have lately warned that the addition of the technology to a variety of Internet threats - from bots to spyware - makes the malicious code more difficult to find and remove.

I don't advocate the copying copyright material except for personnal use, but let's be real here. These assholes are unable to see the damage they are doing to themselves by treating there own customers as criminals.

Write your Senators and let them know they represent consumers (and a hell of a lot more of them) and not just the RIAA and MPAA.



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