Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 - Goodby

I'm weary. Two days left of 2005 and I for one am glad to see it go.
Please no more news of Tsunami or Katrina victims. Heartless, I know.
No more about Iraq and their fucking elections.
No more about Dubba and the rest of the clowns pretending to help us.

Maybe I'm just in a funk.
Missing my family when I'm on the road.
Missing my friends I don't have time to see.
Staying sober too much.
Work bores me. The people I deal with bore me.
Blogging is starting to bore me.

No sympathy. That's not my point.
Surely most of this is my own lack of effort. (okay maybe a little fate)
I'm not into New Year's resolutions.......but

Get out and do different things, meet more people, hang with good friends.
Start and work on new projects (I actually like working on the yard and house but this last year I really did nothing to remember)
Make more money (I didn't make any less this year - I just spent more)
Have more fun.

To hell with 2005!

Hello 2006!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Worst Job - EVER

Besides governor -
This just had me rolling.........


Maybe I Should Be Governor

Can this get any dumber? The state GOP is mad at Arnold for choosing a democrat as his chief of staff (I think he's just trying to recover from that kick in the balls the voters gave him last month). Now some idiots are trying to suggest Mel Gibson for the job.
Please..............., is there any sanity left in this state? How many actors do we need to pretend they can get the job done?
NONE in my humble opinion. Warren Beatty! Rob Reiner! Yeah we can have some more of that First Five bullshit - large tax-eating bureaucracies. (btw I'm not against pre-school, mine went for 3 years - voluntarily and I paid for it.)
And Arnie want a $50 billion bond to redo everything now.

If approved by voters next year, their bond package of unparalleled scope could raise $50 billion or more to speed commuters home, quickly move imported goods from ship to store, modernize campuses, build power plants, provide affordable housing, make hospitals safe from earthquakes and repair aging levees that guard homes, farms and drinking water.

and from that same article get this......

Californians owe about $53 billion in outstanding bonds that command annual payoff checks of $4 billion – or about 4.84 percent – of the state's general fund. The generally acceptable debt burden for California is about 6 percent, many fiscal watchdogs say.

Taxpayers generally must come up with an additional $60 million in interest annually to cover every $1 billion borrowed at the going fixed rate of about 5.5 percent for 30-year bonds, according to state budget analysts.

"Debt must be repaid with real money, real money that will be repaid not only by ourselves, but by our children and, in some cases, grandchildren," Jon Coupal, president of the influential Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, wrote in a recent column.

Watching KTLA news this morning they were out on the street asking people what they thought. I can only hope they were trying to make a point by asking stupid-clueless people stupid-clueless questions about actors being qualified to hold office. Of course look what we did last time. I really hope most of the people they asked this morning really aren't registered to vote.
When can we get a clue here in LA LA land?
I'd be an awful governor but I'd be better then anyone of this bunch.