Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 - Goodby

I'm weary. Two days left of 2005 and I for one am glad to see it go.
Please no more news of Tsunami or Katrina victims. Heartless, I know.
No more about Iraq and their fucking elections.
No more about Dubba and the rest of the clowns pretending to help us.

Maybe I'm just in a funk.
Missing my family when I'm on the road.
Missing my friends I don't have time to see.
Staying sober too much.
Work bores me. The people I deal with bore me.
Blogging is starting to bore me.

No sympathy. That's not my point.
Surely most of this is my own lack of effort. (okay maybe a little fate)
I'm not into New Year's resolutions.......but

Get out and do different things, meet more people, hang with good friends.
Start and work on new projects (I actually like working on the yard and house but this last year I really did nothing to remember)
Make more money (I didn't make any less this year - I just spent more)
Have more fun.

To hell with 2005!

Hello 2006!



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