Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Late Night TV is SH!T

I'm one of those people who often is watching late night TV. Actually I don't usually stay up late, instead I fall asleep early then find myself awake at 3am looking for something to entertain me. Forget waking the wife - it's either selfabuse or TV so the choice it obvious. Thank god for adult swim and the week old replays of Conan. Even the news junkie that I am I can only watch so much CNN, Faux News or MSNBC (I like Imus sometimes - he's not so funny but that guy that plays the characters like Dr Phil is a gut buster).

So anyway, just cruising the channels there is of course a ton of infomercials. These things are awful - but lately all I seem to keep seeing is this slimy John Waters look alike talking about fecal matter.

j waters look alike

I whipped out the webcam and took this pic so it's pretty bad - but you get the idea.

And the two people that are sitting there looking at him like he's on some scholarly dissertation. Hey people - it a fucking enema!

Now if it really was John Waters that might be entertainment. After all before Hairspray made him all legit he was best known for bringing us Divine in Pink Flamingos eating runny dog shit.
At least that was art. HA!



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