Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well have ya seen the fun little Craigslist prank

Last Monday, a Seattle web developer named Jason Fortuny started a Craigslist experiment. The goal: “Posing as a submissive woman looking for an aggressive dom, how many responses can we get in 24 hours?”

He took the text and photo from a sexually explicit ad in another area, reposted it to Craigslist Seattle, and waited for the responses to roll in. Like Simon’s experiment, the response was immediate. He wrote, “178 responses, with 145 photos of men in various states of undress. Responses include full e-mail addresses (both personal and business addresses), names, and in some cases IM screen names and telephone numbers.”

In a staggering move, he then published every single response, unedited and uncensored, with all photos and personal information to Encyclopedia Dramatica (kinda like Wikipedia for web fads and Internet drama).


Sort of reminds me of reading the personals in the underground papers back in the sixties & seventies. It was so entertaining but how stupid (or desperate) do you have to be to reply to one, especially with real pictures and emails?

(Ah - married white male looking for discreet young and willing sd & drug free nsa p&p b&b aarp & ssn. )



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot DD7 & 409

Alrighty thanks for giving me something that I cant stop looking at. The personals are so freaking outrageous.

9:25 PM, September 13, 2006  

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