Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yep. Looking back on recent posts it's me posting You Tube. What can I say? We're getting down to crunch time on the election and where is all my ranting? Dunno. I just am not getting that worked up and that alone should make my family and friends suspicious. The prozac must be working.

Speaking of You Tube, interesting article in SF Gate this morning....
When the Man comes knocking, you can bet the party stops rocking

The circle of life on the Internet is very cruel: When giant corporations take interest in online cultural phenomena, they instantly become exponentially less cool. From Napster to MySpace to "Snakes on a Plane" -- all stopped being a good thing once the Man showed up in the room.

In the wake of Google's acquisition of YouTube, parents groups are already calling for a safety czar to regulate the user-built video library, much like the one that MySpace appointed when News Corp. purchased that site. And is there anything that kills a party faster than a safety czar? In a sense, Google's purchase of YouTube will almost certainly kill YouTube.

Not economically, of course. After seeing photos of the company's free snack room for employees on, I have little doubt in Google's ability to make money hand over fist for as long as I'm alive. As a physical presence, YouTube will be bigger than ever, becoming as trendy as "High School Musical" videos, screw-top wine and "Vote for Pedro" T-shirts.

I'm going to do a little more thinking, lay off the drugs and maybe get my rant drive going. Maybe make some political bs for all three of my regualr readers.



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