Monday, October 23, 2006

It All Comes Apart

I had a very busy weekend including Friday so I really had not read much when I discovered Black Dog had removed his blog and I posted about it yesterday. Well catch up time and I looked at Howard Owens' Blog then went over to nl's and now I guess I have some insight.

What a fucking mess all that has become. I'm not sure I should comment too much as I'm not too sure I see the whole picture.

I didn't see much hope for The Elitist Press to begin with. Hey, myspace as a site to promote an alternative publishing source for Bakersfield? That place is a fucking mess. Teen hormones raging with pages so busy that content is rarer than meat at a Chinese buffet. (my apologies to those who have ms sites that are not - you know who I mean.) Well really, it might have been cool to see what they could have done after the demise of the Black Board. I guess there is no point in judging them when there was nothing to judge them by.

n.l., you shameless self promoter. How dare you question their motives. How dare they question yours. How dare either not. How can you have an alternative press and not be paranoid. (to think I quit smoking that shit years ago - I'm regressing)

Blackdog - come home. We miss you.



Blogger 7 Bates said...

When I contacted him to turn in my work, he told me Bakersfield wasn't ready for an alternative newspaper. I'm just so sad to see him close down the blog. I mean, he's so good!

I hope he comes back too.

8:35 PM, October 26, 2006  
Blogger Nick Belardes said...

Black Dog shouldn't have stopped blogging, and The Elitist Press shouldn't have folded. BD is a great writer.

The Random Times is the new local Alt Press. Let's see where they go...

11:04 AM, November 01, 2006  

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