Thursday, November 09, 2006

San Francisco Values

Using Rove techniques the republicans tried using a typical scare by telling everyone Nancy Pelosi had San Francisco values. What did that mean? Oh we know what they meant but who bought it.

Well reading today's SFGate this was right up front.

We have a dildo factory hidden in plain sight here in San Francisco, and in one sense I did get a Golden Ticket in that I got a tour -- a tour with benefits. But then doesn't every girl want to see where her toys come from?

On the afternoon I toured the Vixen Creations dildo plant I got much more than I bargained for. Sure I got to see acres and acres of erect, happy and proud colorful phalli waiting patiently in rows before being plucked, packed and sent to their final orgasmic destinations.

I also got to see the goop being poured into almost whimsically inverse molded penis holes -- and I immensely enjoyed the champagne-like "Pop!" each faux penis made upon extraction from its mold. Somewhere, most certainly, every time this particular cork pops, an angel gets her wings.

Is this a great country?
I wonder if Dobson reads SFGate?



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