Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote Early & Vote Often

Well tomorrow we can go to the polls and have Diebold steal our votes fair and square.

Kudos to The Bakerfield Californian for the First Five story. No matter how good the intentions of a proposition sound, there is always the eventual take over by the taxeaters.

Do you believe passing $20 billion bonds will fix our roads with no increase in taxes? Get real! The $20B will be $39B by the time the bond pays off. Now how do you pay that? Either you cut future spending or services or raise taxes. Pass an extra half-cent sales tax or else you won't get matching funds. Extortion at it's finest.

This republican hopes the democrats do take the congress. Make Dubba a lame duck. The less they can accomplish the better.

Turn the bums out.



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