Friday, December 29, 2006

Wrap It Up

Well I've been kicked back with the winter holiday and all. Back in town and sorta back to work this week (mostly not).
So a little fun to end the year, this wiki surely is a joke.
As guys, we all have times when we're caught off guard with an erect member. It can be embarrassing and awkward, especially when you're a teen, or you are in an important meeting or such. Here is what you can do to avoid such embarrassing situations.

1. Clothes are key in concealing an erection. Never wear tight clothes, or clothes that restrict movement. Jeans can be good or bad, as looser jeans tend to shield the growth, and tighter jeans accentuate it. Khaki pants are said to be good for hiding the erection, as well.
2. Underclothes can also be a factor. As a general rule, underpants are better than boxers. However, realizing that many men prefer boxers, it is not necessary to wear underpants
8. When all else fails, go to the bathroom and "tuck it in" pointing up and held with the waistband of your trousers. Don't make it hurt, just hold it in place. The erection will be much less noticeable, and will go away presently. Then, pull up your waistband and free your poor penis.

See it must be a joke 'cause every guy knows #8 is wrong. Go into the bathroom yes. Tuck it in??? No, there's a better answer. Heh!

Have a good New Year and be careful out there.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one Dave! HA!

3:31 AM, January 02, 2007  

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