Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well it actually happened. Watching last Sunday's Family Guy there was a gag that even I found tasteless. I told one of my friends who is also a fan and he agreed. I wonder if Seth McFarlane is just trying to see how far he can push it. Now I'm a major defender of the right to offend others, so really I guess I'm actually surprised that I find myself cringing at this one. But cringe I did. This may be worse than Ann Coulter (naw).

Fair warning don't watch it if even the title bothers you. (and I know maybe it seems a little weird to post it while complaining but it seems that if I am, I should let others decide for themselves)....

Prom Night Dumpster Baby.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Decline of western civilization part III God help that sick twisted freak.

I have always thought McFarlane was over the line with the gay baby who always wishes its mother dead but now I realize that mofo needs a good old fashioned ass whuppin. The best thing anyone can do to send a message to the demonic perverts who pipe this crap into our living rooms is turn the TV off and never watch it again. They already canceled the show once for poor ratings but the vampire pimps at the network brought it back because thats the kind of garbage they have in their hearts.

1:20 PM, March 08, 2007  

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