Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Bush Legacy

Well so it goes. We'll have this with us for years now,

The Supreme Court's new conservative majority gave anti-abortion forces a landmark victory Wednesday in a 5-4 decision that bans a controversial abortion procedure nationwide and sets the stage for further restrictions.

It was a long-awaited and resounding win that abortion opponents had hoped to gain from a court pushed to the right by President Bush's appointees.

For the first time since the court established a woman's right to an abortion in 1973, the justices said the Constitution permits a nationwide prohibition on a specific abortion method. The court's liberal justices, in dissent, said the ruling chipped away at abortion rights.

I'm no fan of abortion but I even less of a fan of government intrusion into what I view as a very private decision. The right to choice crowd is salivating.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was listening to my daily dosage of AM talk radio today so I could have a good laugh, and stupid Sean Hannity was on. He said something along the lines of how this was a really great decision and a step in the right direction for a procedure that "should have never been allowed in the first place."

He is mentally deranged. No exceptions for rape victims? No exceptions for mothers whose lives could be in danger? No exceptions for teenagers or those who aren't emotionally or financially stable to have children? What a douche bag.

4:28 PM, April 18, 2007  

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