Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Fun At All

Well I wonder if I should even respond. On my previous post someone calling themselves Aurora left the following comment.

"Incoherent" ramblings is just about right. Do you have any other platform besides Bushbashing? To each his own but couldn't find much to keep me turning the page here.
I imagine you're one of those latte-sipping lefties who couldn't debate his way out of a wet paper bag. No fun at all.

Well he(she?) obviously didn't turn the page because there was no grasp whatsoever of my ways. I should probably just ignore them but I can't help it.

Bushbashing. You bet. He an imbecile of the third degree. But contrary to what you think I'm a republican, always have been. I long for Barry Goldwater not W and his gang of neocons. This bunch has done more to destroy true conservative politics than anyone in the last 200 years. Frankly, I harbor a distrust of most politicians.

Latte-sipping??? Please coffee with some half&half only. I'm too cheap to buy $5 java from overrated coffee houses. Beer is my preferred after hours consumption. I'm pretty blue collar.

A leftie??? Once again just outta left field. All in all I'm mostly a libertarian, politically conservative and socially myob. Yes I like Olbermann, because he's entertaining and newsworthy. Please Billo or Paula Zahn? (I understand PZ is on the way out - good.) Is your idea of news Rush? I read a lot of different news and blogs. Lets go for at least a semblance of balance.

I'm non-religious so I'm bothered by all fanatics of that stripe. And judging by the tone of Aurora's blog we're not too far apart on my attitudes about Islam. It's one thing to have to put up with our Christian right becoming the official cause of my republican party, put fanatical Islam is ready to kill us all for not seeing the light. It's a culture war that we need to be fighting. Inundate their young with levis. ipods and rock and roll music. Beam them our mindless TV shows.

Debate. Well Aurora, I noticed how fast you moved to bashing me. If you want to debate lets do it. Otherwise you're just a Bush asskissing Rush-Billo mouth piece. So there.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said Well Aurora, I noticed how fast you moved to bashing me. If you want to debate lets do it. Otherwise you're just a Bush asskissing Rush-Billo mouth piece. So there.
Ha, you'll keep Buckwheat. For now I'm out to enjoy beautiful Sydney's sunshine and unfortunately we don't get Rush down here, but as a born American I make sure I keep myself up on the latest.
I'll be back to comb through your excuse for a post here and give you a piece of my mind in a few hours.

6:41 PM, August 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was semi-joking by the first comment of course. I've skimmed over this post and really there's nothing to argue here except for two points. However, you're entitled to your opinion and it's not really a matter of debate. I don't bash Bush because I respect his position and the many decent people who still believe in him though of course he's made a lot of mistakes. He labels himself as "Christian Right" which may or may not be true, only he and God know whether or not it is.
Unfortunately, due to global hatred of your/our President, the reputation of the so-called "Christian Right" has taken a flogging with him. It, THE DREADED CHRISTIAN RIGHT, seems to be the pillory boy for every and all evils in the world (apart from those committed by radical Islamists of course). People are astonishingly quiet on the genocide committed by Communist China, 70 million of their own people since their inception last century alone. And they are only one Communist country. This is secularism in full flight, utilitarianist and unconcerned about the value of human life because humans are just animals after all.
I'm really not here to bash you or bait you for your politics. I was just having a dig at you to see if you'd bite...LOL (Actually I was hoping for a rabid leftie as I enjoy taking them on). Bit of an anti-climax? ;)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
P.S. Aurora is a female name

3:51 AM, August 12, 2007  

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