Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Space

I've been doing some blocking of My Space at work. Makes me a very popular guy. Why? Well some people seem to have an addiction to it. Hey, even I have a My Space account, but the only reason is I have friends who blog on My Space and you have to log in to see or read much of anything.

My Space does not impress me. The worst part I think is the comments on the home pages. You can't post comments there on your own page, leaving a totally disjointed conversation running on many sites. Or what about all those people who use those god awful static backgrounds, most are so busy with graphics it makes my eyes bleed. Loud music that auto plays - at least it needs to be good rock n roll, eh? Not that there isn't some good content out there - there is, but oh it takes some blows to get there sometimes. I guess I'm too old to appreciate some of it. Fortunately I did use a yahoo throw-away mail account to sign up. You can't believe the number of bs friend requests that come in from My Space. Are these just clowns collecting as many friends as they can get for bragging rights or a bunch of scammers? Either way ungood.

Now I know a lot of people try to get around My Space blocks at work and school. The most popular method is proxy services. I wonder if they know they are trusting some third party with their email addresses, user ids and passwords when they do that. Golly, I wonder why these nice guys want to help me avoid MS blocks at work? Get a clue dumbass.

This social networking is okay I guess but really I'm down to a couple or so blogs a week and some blog reading when I have time. Between my news addiction, crosswords, work and tech reading I don't need more time looking at a screen (oh and some tv - hey is Cash Cab on?). I should be out drinking with friends, real networking.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know that drinking with friends is the best kind of networking--EVER. I hope to be doing that kind of networking tomorrow after work.

4:05 PM, September 20, 2007  

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