Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Politics We Trust

That would be the motto now.
It's going up in classrooms in a modified version.

Amazing bit of maneuvering on the part of KHSD board. Well I can see where they came from. In a county with a majority of people professing to be religious (but usually not acting), jerks like Vegas can just eat up people with smears of anti god accusations. Hell that kind of tactic is what got him elected in the first place.
So now it becomes a $12,000 civics lesson. Yeah right. So Vegas and Mettler basically win and Batey and Heindrichs avoid looking like they are against god. Jackie Sullivan continues to grin like the idiot she is. Wonderful.

The truly disturbing part however was that this was all done in secret, brought out at the last minute and voted on without public input on the final poster.

Please try to remember all this when our chance for input comes up. The next time any of these clowns runs for reelection.

By the way Bob Hampton was the lone no vote.



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