Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let's Be Serious

Well I was going to, but there's just some stuff too funny to bypass today

Future leader of Oz

Well at least it wasn't his nose.

Singapore Airlines wants to rent you a suite with a bed for a mere $12k but insists you use it only for sleeping...

Singapore Airlines has asked cash-flush customers to refrain from making the beast with two backs while enjoying its A380 private suites between Singapore and Sydney, Reuters reports.

The airline's shiny new aircraft boasts 12 such suites with double beds, but the company has slapped a ban on couples joining the mile-high club during the seven-hour jaunt.
Indeed, Tony Elwood, who enjoyed some king-sized luxury on the inaugural flight with missus Julie, said: “So they’ll sell you a double bed, and give you privacy and endless champagne and then say you can’t do what comes naturally?"

And finally be sure to watch the whole thing.
40 secs of fun but you need the ending

Ya gotta love that phone ringing the whole time and his coworker just ignoring him.
All work and no play.....



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