Saturday, May 17, 2008

Armed and Dangerous

I recently had this discussion with a family member. I often wonder if people realize just how much of a police state we have allowed to be created in this country. So it's time for a list. All these agencies have armed officers with police powers (in many cases only some personnel in these agencies are armed).

Secret Service
Immigration Service – Border Patrol
Federal Marshall
TSA with air Marshall Service
National Park Rangers
Forest Service Rangers
BLM Rangers (that's right, three different agencies for federal land)
US Postal Inspectors
Military Police – all five branches
Federal Prison Service

I've probably missed some but lets go to the state level

State Police (yeah that's a small but separate dept)
State Park Rangers
County Park Rangers (separate from sheriff here in Kern)
State Prisons
Sate Parole agents
County Sheriffs
City Police
County Jail Gaurds
County Parole agents
State/County/City Fire Dept Arson Investigators (most)

Once again I've certainly missed some.

Do you feel safer already?



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