Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Current Favorite

It's no surprise that when it comes to comics I prefer the more off beat. As such I go to SFGate to read Zippy and Bizarro every morning. Only recently I started reading Dan Piraro's blog and of course now I really like him. TBC ran it in their test comic area for a short while but it was too much for the Family Circus/Fred Basset/Snuffy Smith crowd. (Is there no way to keep from wasting dead trees on that shit?)

I loved this one that I saw online but the printed paper did not run it due to that little problem at the SF zoo last Christmas. (you need to go look since the cartoons are set to not allow outside linking).

Lots of good stuff. The official comic site contains an explanation of those little symbols scattered across his comics.
If you're looking there is a number above Dan's signature indicating the number of symbols in that cartoon. Funny the list doesn't have the dynamite stick with the burning fuse which is one of his favorites.



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