Friday, October 24, 2008


Looking Good Sarah

Frankly I find that most political campaign spending is obscene. A total waste. The gaffe over the RNC spending $150k on clothes for Palin is ridiculous. That hardly strikes me as out of line when compared to the other spending. Business as usual.

What about this:
Barack Obama's spending far exceeds John McCain's and shows states he covets

Barack Obama bought $65 million worth of airtime last month, almost three times as much as John McCain, and shifted $7.6 million to Democratic parties in swing states to organize his campaign efforts.

Obama’s $65.5 million for airtime dwarfed the $22.5 million that McCain spent, according to disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission. The media firm, GMMB, received the bulk of the money, $63.5 million, to buy airtime.

McCain benefited from spending by the Republican National Committee.

Obama raised a record $150.7 million in September, spent $87.5 million, and entered October with $133 million in the bank -- compared to McCain’s $47 million in the bank at the start of the month.

Please, Obama took in a 1000 times that last month alone. I wonder what the dems spend on outfitting Obama and his wife. Come on and be real. They all spend more in a year then most of us could spend in a lifetime. That of course is what makes it a sore issue to voters.

I wonder why the media can't get upset by all the money wasted on ads. OH! Wait.....



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