Wednesday, September 16, 2009


From Violet Blue in the SFGate last month.
Truthfully, I was trying to see if any local spas were offering Norwegian company Bioforskning's facial treatment with their product, Spermine. It is touted in magazines and blogs as a revolutionary facial treatment that uses sperm and lasers to induce a more youthful appearance. I'd read journalist Marty Beckerman's recent article "Spermboarded" where he -- a straight male -- goes to a New York spa for a sperm facial. When he announced his plans to his girlfriend, he claims she "offered to receive a Spermine facial beside me for emotional support." His reaction? "No, I don't want that on your face," He screamed. "From anyone else, I mean."

Is there anything an overindulgent asshole can't be sold on?

(To see where that pic came from check this out. It's from a Russian milk ad!

On a related article seems those wild time I had in the 60s and 70s are more than tame nowadays.

WARNING! this is not SFW. Much cruder content.

Kids these days are having sex like porn stars.

The most vivid example he gives is that most members of Generation XXX think "sex ends with a money shot to the face." Some boys, like one 17-year-old quoted in the piece, believe that "there is just something about blowing a load in a chick's face that makes you feel like a man." Spitznagel explains, "For most men over 30, facials aren't something you actually do. They're like car chases or hurling someone through a plate-glass window -- the difference between cinema and life. But the ubiquity of porn has blurred the line." He gives other examples of how the sex lives of "America's porn-fed youth" are different from past generations: They think pubic hair is nasty and anal sex is hot, and girls idolize the porn stars who inadvertently teach them how to give toe-curling blow jobs. But he spills the most ink, ehem, on the come on the face thing.

Alrighty! That's enough pervin' for one day.



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