Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Gone Wrong

LA Times has some reader submitted photos of visiting Santa

My god! Where did that mask come from? That explains the look on the poor kid.

Me circa 1952.

Double bad juju,

Ventriloquistmas Elf

Quit undressing the kids!

You can have my sweater!

Classic terror.

Poster boy for Christmas cheer

Another punch to the eye.

Scared of Santa or Dad?

Baby may punch out Santa. (is that Colonel Sanders?)

Category 5 scream

It would appear Santa may have gone into shock.

Ho ho horrors

Undressing another kid . Did we do a background check on Santa?

Escape from Claus

Timmy, this may be your last year on Santa's lap. And maybe the last year for Santa.

Nice balloon hat, says Santa.



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