Sunday, March 06, 2011

Attack Of The Killer Hummingbirds

I was outside this morning when I got buzzed - by hummingbirds. No it doesn't sound like humming. It's much more ominous. I have one of these feeders...

Why does it have four outlets? I've only seen more than one bird just once. They are extremely territorial about their food source. Some of them spend more time chasing others off than feeding. If you are 10-20 feet away and they're fighting over food be prepared to be buzzed. It can come damn close and it comes up fast.

So I probably know the answer to this but just let me ask anyway. If a hummingbird hits you in the head, will it stick like a dart?

That's what I thought.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never understood why people want those damn things around in the first place.

At work, there is a bay known as the Birdseed bay--an entire bay of product dedicated to feeding birds and keeping them around your house. All the meanwhile, they shit all over your cars and give you nothing in return. Quit feeding those things.

6:36 PM, March 07, 2011  
Blogger Prof Frink said...

As far as hummers go I think the amount is damn small. I enjoy watching them out the window. Besides mine is over a flower bed.

Now mocking birds. That's a mess.

1:23 PM, March 09, 2011  

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