Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Wonder He Thought He Was Good

Well we're all aware Thomas Kincaid died a couple of weeks ago.. This was in last Friday's SFGate and sort of explains things.

A family member says painter Thomas Kinkade battled alcoholism over the past several years and had a relapse just before his death at his home in Santa Clara County.

Kinkade's brother, Patrick, tells the San Jose Mercury News ( decades of attacks on Kinkade's work and a split with his wife two years ago had taken a toll on the famous "Painter of Light."

Personally I could see where he had some talent but was a one trick pony. Always the same look and theme. I never cared for over sweetened view or his overt christian bs. I really knew he was a crook when I saw the 60 Minutes story on him. Here he had cheap prints of his works made, touched up with paint by little more than assembly line workers and he would scribble his name on them and send them out to his pyramid scheme 'galleries' to be sold at ridiculous prices as 'fine art'. Some christian. No wonder he drank (not that I'm against alcohol).

I posted some of the photoshop phriday submissions for TK. Here are some of my favs.



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