Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Redneck XDressing

I was looking around Farcebook today and there was a link to a video that someone made using pics from People of Walmart and some music.

Now we've all seen POW before but there is something that really leaves me a little baffled each time I look at it.

Okay, so you like to wear women's thong underwear. (and share that fact with others)...

or maybe just your underwear.

so okay, I guess it's a speedo with a matching hat. When I was younger I often went to the nude beach but it never occurred to me to do a beer run without putting shorts on.

Maybe a little more overt. Pink with ladies running shoes.
so this is like the same guy two different times?

frilly little socks and a matching top. at least he's in sporting goods and not... well never mind.

How about some heels

some long legs

But that's just starting

damn that last one's scary. Maybe some WNBA material in there.

Now here's your old high school geography teacher Mr Bates. The one that never married and lived with Mom. After she died he retired and started wearing her clothes. Well he wore them before but she never knew.


This one could have dated Eddie Murphy..

Nice hooker gear

I just feel so free in a dress

Then this one time at band camp...

I think the one in jeans is a girl.


And this guy. So like he colors his hair so he doesn't look old.

And the biggest freaks of all...



Blogger Prof Frink said...

Just in case anyone doesn't know I was not gay bashing. I'm a big believer in individual freedom. No one's sexuality is being evaluated. It's your weirdness.
Please feel free to make a spectacle of yourself. Inflicting nightmares on others might be questionable and a few really do border on obscene. Looking at your shit stained hot pants could make me loose my lunch.

9:20 PM, April 24, 2012  

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