Monday, June 13, 2005

Verdict in Jackson Trial

I'm sitting at my desk with the TV on watching CNN as the Jackson jury is set to deliver it's verdict.
Of course I'm hoping for the worst(for Jackson)
I'm going to wait for the actual verdict to post this. Robert Shapiro is giving 'color commentary'. What a joke it all is, but like rubberneckers at an accident I can't help it.


And he is
1. Not
2. Not
3. Not
4. Not
5. Not
6. Not
7. Not
Not (lesser offense)
8. Not
Not (lesser)
9. Not
Not (lesser)
10. Not
Not (lesser)

A total joke of justice! I'll write more later, It will be interesting to hear what the jury members might say. I have first hand experience of being on a jury were you just knew the defendent was guilty scum but didn't hear a case to convict. I think this might be the case. Not guilty while legally means innocent really doesn't mean he didn't do something, aka OJ.



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