Thursday, October 04, 2007

Can You Do The Backstroke?

KCHSD trustee and christian advocate Chad Vegas' proposal to add the 'national motto' 'In God We Trust' certainly is causing some consternation amongst his fellow board members. He now tries to soften his attempt to push his religious agenda into the classrooms by suggesting the addition of other historical documents. Is this national motto even historical? It's only been around fifty years so not really, at least compared to the constitution and the declaration of independence. His fellow board members may go along because after all the easiest thing to do is please the most people or at the worst only slightly pissoff the rest. After all here in the bible-belt of California the last thing you want to do is sound irreligious or unpatriotic. Vegas knows this and has now even resorted to calling his opponents as such.

KHSD board member Chad Vegas said posting “In God We Trust” in classrooms is a relatively minor issue compared to the rest of the board’s activities. However, he heavily criticized opponents of his proposal.

On Wednesday, he called into question the appropriateness of board members who do not vote in favor of his proposal.

“If that’s the kind of elected officials they are, I think the people need to rethink whether or not those are the kind of men they want in office,” Vegas told The Californian, “the kind of men who don’t even support the Constitution they are sworn to uphold being taught to their students.”

He also said, “I would be hard-pressed, I think, to come to the conclusion that a group of men who have been elected and sworn to uphold the Constitution would vote against posting it.”

Vegas also was a guest Wednesday on "The Inga Barks Show" on KERN Newstalk 1410 criticizing trustees and The Californian.

“If these trustees and the newspaper is gonna reveal their real agenda, their bottom line agenda is they’re a group of liberal secular atheists who hate God, who are not patriotic,” Vegas said. “They do not love this country. They would prefer that we become much more like a communist China or Russia, bottom line.”

Joe McCarthy is back......

A bravo for the board president for calling it like it is

Then there's the solid "no" from board president Bob Hampton.

"That's just a way for him to get religion into the schools," Hampton said. "He's trying to evade the issue now that he's got all the negative publicity."

and another for The Bakersfield Californian editorial staff for saying it too

A sidenote Mr. Vegas has his own little blog

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Old Chad is a tool..of the highest order.

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