Monday, August 30, 2004

A Good Weekend

A good weekend - Friday beers (can that ever be bad?) - home in time to catch Bill Maher's Realtime (a very funny show this week).

A slow and easy Saturday just getting the odd jobs done.

Sunday saw a religious experience of intense yard work followed by a few more chores.

Sunday evening out to dinner with the family and home to watch the usual HBO shows. I'm really looking forward to the new season of 'The Wire'. Watching the reruns of last season's shows I'm starting to think it's the best show HBO has had since Oz. Course I like them all including the very soap opera like Six Feet Under, which in typical HBO style is edgy enough to make not seem like a soap.

Now back to our usual ranting!


Friday, August 27, 2004

A Break

Okay some may think all I care to do is rant.

Time to head for beers with the buds on Friday.

I'll try for a couple of more posts that are more light-hearted-less-ranting the rest of this week.



What I really think.

My last couple of posts may have given some readers (all two of you) the wrong ideas.

Do I hate Bakersfield?
Not at all. Sometimes I'm embarrased by it. No, really only some of the people. Actually Bakersfield is a very friendly kind of town. Lots of good people. Low cost of living, lousy air, too hot sometimes in the summer and too cold and gray in the winter. Beautiful mountains just 30 mins away, 2 hours to several good beachs, less than 2 hours to LA (great to visit, wouldn't want to live there).

Do I hate the Bakersfield Californian?
Nope, read it everyday. Better than a lot of papers in towns twice this size. Not even a bad editorial staff, but yes I disagree with them sometimes.

Am I a fu**ing liberal?
In some ways, but not most. I've voted for Reps & Dems. Libertarian is more like it but I'm not crazy enough to believe in no government like some of those nuts. Gotta have some but less would be better.

Don't like Bush or Kerry. Get rid of Fuhrer Ashcroft, NOW!

I believe in personnal freedom, free speech, a free press, seperation of church and state and the right to bear arms. I support the military and believe we should start locking up our borders and leave the rest of the world to fight its own battles - "Friends of freedom everywhere, but protectors of our own".

So you figure out a label, I don't have one.


Why I'm really not surprised

Reading the local fish wrapper only says what I've always known. Many of the outraged citizens of our fair town just don't get the concept of individual rights. Try reading the Bill of Rights, you know, those first ten amendments to the US constitution. Meant to prevent the tyranny of the majority or the government.

I'm sure the rednecks will never get it. But hey, I'm a l'tl redneck myself - I hates stoopid people.

That's your right too.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ah Bakersfield

One would think I could not be amazed at some of the things that go on in my hometown, Bakersfield.

Well Mayor Harvey Hall has backed down from a proclimation for a "GayPride Day' because of his fear of a 'God Fearing' crowd, stirred up by local fundementalist preachers.

I don't care if there is a proclimation or not. Has nothing to do with me. But the Mayor thinks he's a leader. Personally I think a few less proclimations from our Mayor would be a good thing.

Now this opinion piece by local writer Bob Price maybe right.
(free registration required)

But this in the same paper that dropped an award winning cartoon strip based on a voluntary- unscientific poll of about 1900 readers. People who should lead and do a job are swayed by a few voices pretending to speak for everyone.

Both are dumb and both show a lack of fortitude.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A New Place to Post

I intend this to be simple comments about my daily trivial doings. Nothing more. A way to save some ideas that might have the unfortunate cosmic chance to come my way.
We'll see - it might go somewhere and then it might die a quick and humane death.