Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ungracious Winners

Well there were surprises in this election. That GW won was not one of them. I didn't want him but I'm afraid I was like many others, I had no enthusiasm for Kerry either. I just think it would have been better if Kerry had won and the congress stayed in the Rep's hands. Moderation and therefore everyone would have won.

No, the real surprises were the failure of the Get Out the Vote movement and the success of the evangelicals. It appears to be bad news all around. I have no clue why GOTV was not more inspiring to young voters. Maybe it was Kerry. The christian right is not so surprising, after all these clowns own hundreds of media outlets that somehow convince people to send them millions of dollars. They have throngs of ardent followers, willing to accept at face value anything they are told, ready to be whipped into outrage over the perceived wrongdoings of the liberal sinners.

Now I titled this Ungracious Winners. No not GW, so far. I'm referring to all the pundits. The ones calling this a landslide and a mandate. The ones declaring it a moral victory. I even read one calling it proof that the US is a chrisitian nation.
Give Me a Break!

WTF???? are they talking about?
51% is a win but certainly not a landslide. 274 electorial college votes (NM & IA still to decide). This was just barely a win, though better than 2000's. It shows much of the country does not agree with Bush.

Okay call me an ungracious loser, but I say fine, let them go on their moral jihad. It might be the best thing to have happen. It will cause the backlash needed to stop this silliness. You know this is a real redneck, fundamentalist christian area I live in. But they are not one homogenous unit (that should rile up some of em). The redneck crowd probably likes Bush mostly because he ain't some liberal democrat who is gonna take ma gun. They prefer drinking beer to going to church. They support the military. Most are probably pro-choice. They don't like government buttin' in. They have little use for the bible thumpers. The Reps have made strange bedfellows by courting the fundamentalists. The same sort of situation applies to the Country Club republicans. Their concern is taxes not prayer in the classroom.

Bush really needs to keep this in mind (not that he needs to worry about reelection). There's not alot of votes needed to bring the percentages around the other way. The Democrats need to get their act together and present a platform with a broader appeal. Win back some congressional seats. Rebalance the balance of power.



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