Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lent & Fast Food

I mentioned in the previous post not liking McD very much. I try to avoid those places whenever I can. Most people with any taste are forced into those corporate ratholes by their kids. Mine seems to prefer TB and BK over McD anyway, I don't see a difference.

Usually some locally owned fast food place is always preferrable to those joints (In'n'Out exculded).
If you're around B'Field it's Andre's on Brundage (recently sold by the Andre family after 50 years but so far so good). Or maybe JollyKone on 34th (great burger special with tons of fries w/season salt, yummmm). Or John's Burgers (Oak, River Blvd and F St.) your typical oversized greek/burger fast food. Get the Gyro - excelllent! Zorba's out on N. Chester in Oildale is just as good.

Okay none of it's good for you, but don't lie, we all eat it.

So, the wife & daughter have given up fast food for lent. I'm giving up all Albanian dark beer.
Oh wait, I'm not even catholic.



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