Sunday, February 13, 2005

More Food Thoughts & HB to My Daughter

Well my daughter turns 14 today. Damn I'm getting old.

So last hight we went to Woolgrowers for dinner. The food was as good as always, with the exception of the french fries. They were busy as usual for a Saturday night with a large group of high school kids in formals right behind us. As much as I've always loved WG the experience is not the same. They want to ding you for everything, including the garlic. Blue cheese, cottage cheese, even dessert is now extra. It's often too crowded and too rushed. It's just not as good as it once was. Of course I remember going when it was still the little cafe on Sumner St under the Metropole Hotel. and the complete dinner was $2. And about the fries, when they get too busy I think they push them too fast. The last couple of times they've been greasey and soggy, not proper Basque style at all. Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my old age.

Pyrenees while having changed hands again is doing a better job and recently I've been to Benjis and been duely impressed. Noriega's is still the best for the one meal, one serving a night but alas I can't get the rest of the crew to go for that.

Family and friends at home tonight for chicken curry per the princess's request. No complaints from dad on that one, one of my favorites too.



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