Thursday, February 10, 2005

SB Ads & Marketing

Couple of good controversies have sprung up over the Super Bowl ads. (That is why you watch, isn't it?)
First GoDaddy's wardrobe malfunction. I thought it was great fun. NFL & Fox apparently didn't as they pulled the second running of the ad.

You can read all about it, watch the ad or even a 2 min extended version, and get Bob Parsons', the founder and president of GoDaddy, comments on it all.


Take a close look at the commercial.
If you watch our commercial closely you will notice that what you see is no worse than what you might see while walking down the street on most summer days. For example:

1. Candice (the actress who performs in the commercial) is completely clothed. It’s true that she’s wearing a tank top. No part of Candice’s breasts are showing and it’s difficult to see any cleavage.
2. There were no close-ups of Candice that bared anything.
3. Candice made no suggestive moves during the commercial.
4. Candice said nothing during the commercial that was suggestive.
5. Anyone who takes a trip to the mall will see far more skin bared than what is seen in our commercial.
6. When one of Candice's spaghetti straps pop at the beginning the commercial, she catches it instantly and *nothing* is bared as a result.
7. Close-ups of the Philadelphia cheerleaders, right at the end of the 1st quarter, bared far more and were far more suggestive than anything that took place in our commercial.
8. There is nothing in our commercial inappropriate for a child to see.

What we are guilty of?
Here’s what we’re guilty of:

1. We selected a very attractive, well-endowed, 26 year old woman for our commercial.
2. We indirectly (by having her right spaghetti strap snap at the beginning of the commercial) referred to the Janet Jackson episode.
3. Our commercial was a parody of the censorship we are seeing today, and that’s something that certain people do not want in the public light.


By the way, I'm a big fan of GoDaddy and use them for all my domain registration and hosting.

The second one is IMHO even more ridiculous. McDonald's Lincoln French Fry. Good parody of the Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich. The problem is some people took offense of some of the tie in tactics McDonalds used. A website, a real auction and a blog.
The website is mildly funny. The auction raises monies for Ronald McDonald house, a children's charity! Can that be wrong?
The bloggers were mad because the blog seemed almost to be authentic. Hey far too many bloggers have lost it. You aren't that important. They've started thinking of themselves as the people's source of real news. Promote Howard Dean, bring down Dan Rather. Oh stop it. I blog and I read a lot of blogs. Take each for what it is and nothing more.
Like all things, blogs can be used and misused, Caveat Emptor.
If someone uses a blog to sell fast food so what?
Don't like it. Don't eat there (but hey, I usually don't, but the fries are by far the best thing they offer).



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