Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jesus' General

Well cruising here and there and following some links I found this blog.

jesus general

then to top it off on that one I found this


I have a friend I should buy that for. He can pin it to his ceiling for nighttime inspiration. Or use it as a dart board - eh maybe pin it on the wall for that. (see I tol' ya pa I was smart).



I was having a discussion a couple of days ago about intelligence. Always an interesting subject and one often prone to cause arguments (no, not this time).
Just like assholes, everybody has an opinion. Now I'm a little smarter than average, at least so the tests say. In any group of 100 people I'm suppose to smarter than 98 of them. I like to think that maturity has been of more benefit than any natural gift, so in no particular order a few serious and I hope humble points.

1. Just because you're smarter doesn't mean you know more. There are a lot of people who know more than you. Shutup, listen and maybe learn.

2. There is often knowledge to be gleaned from even those who may seem to have the least. Maybe it's just what not to do.

3. Even smart people often do really dumb things, even when they know better. Hey guys, how many times does the little head overrule the big one? If you can't be a good example you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

4. Intelligence is no guarantee of success. You need to use it and you need to work at it, at least for most of us. Many tests have shown that success more often relies on good looks, personality, connections and just dumb luck. That explains Jessica Simpson and most real estate agents.

5. Use it but don't flaunt it. Sure, if you're trying for a job try to act smart and capable but it's probably a good idea not to try to act smarter than the interviewer and to show you're willing to learn new things. Some self-deprecating humor goes a hell of a long ways with making friends and connections.

Doing all that will probably make you a smarter person. All said, I'm far from perfect. I fall by the wayside. I enjoy being a smartass way too often, but I also enjoy most sitting around having good conversations about people, politics and society in general. I have some pretty smart family and friends who like that too.



Friday, January 20, 2006

Sorry State of Education

I'm going to leave my opinions out of this but you can probably guess.

Study: Most College Students Lack Skills
More than half of students at four-year colleges — and at least 75 percent at two-year colleges — lack the literacy to handle complex, real-life tasks such as understanding credit card offers, a study found.

Then our own big thinkers like Miss MaryLee think all you need are highschool exit exams.

Please - "No child left behind - because no child gets ahead".
DAMN - I let an opinion in.


Thursday, January 19, 2006


I mentioned a big time waster a while back:

Well I found another one:

Play around, you'll firgure it out pretty fast, then waste a couple of hours on it.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google Video & Interpretation of Fall Out Boy

Okay I was looking at Google Video and saw this in the random video features. Well ya know how sometimes you just don't get the lyrics right?

Way too funny - then I spotted this one in the related

The best one


Friday, January 06, 2006


Man, that last post was pretty bad. I wasn't near as bad as I sounded.
Good week all and all. Good New Years. Got most of the Xmas stuff down and put away for the next 11 months. Some outside lights I didn't get to because I'm not into walking on a wet roof.
Had some beer with Nick the other night. Work is all wrapped up (well okay I have some things I should work on but I'll see.).

Same old news going around.
Wait one good one today.

Futurama - the animated TV series from Simpsons creator Matt Groening - may be resurrected two years after the show was axed by Fox. Reruns on the Cartoon Network and Comedy Central combined with strong DVD sales have kept the series alive. This interest has sparked discussions between 20th Century Fox TV and series creators Groening and David X. Cohen about reviving the show in much the same way Family Guy was brought back from the dead, Variety reports.