Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Roger Wilco

I used that term at work today and some of these kids I work with thought I was nuts.
Not withstanding my mental state, it reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons.
B. Kliban became famous for his drawings of fat striped cats.
kliban cat

Lesser known were his 'other books'
Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head
Whack Your Porcupine
Tiny Footprints
Whack Your Porcupine

I had all three and kept them in the bathroom library. I'm not sure how many times I read each but I never stopped laughing at them. (the books are somewhere I just need to look - we have a lot of books). He was Gary Larson before Gary Larson.

Anyway the point being in one of the books was a cartoon labeled 'Roger Wilco'. It was an upper body shot of a guy with bad hair, pimpled face, no chin, thick glasses and a pocket protector full of pens and whatnot. It was the quintessential nerd. I guess being one myself only made it funnier (okay I wasn't that bad - I didn't wear glasses). I googled images today trying to find that cartoon, possibly to place on the door of my office. No luck.

But here are some of examples.

Several good ones here



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