Tuesday, March 14, 2006


south park chef
Many people are reporting that Isacc Hayes' departure from South Park had something to do with a moral outrage. HA! Turns out he's a Scientologist.


Criticising the hit US television series South Park for being offensive is a bit like criticising Antiques Roadshow for focusing too much on old things. But this has not prevented the soul singer Isaac Hayes from quitting the show in outrage at its treatment of Scientology - ending a nine-year association with a cartoon that has left few other religious or political groups unmocked. .............. "This has nothing to do with intolerance and bigotry and everything to do with the fact that Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist and that we recently featured Scientology in an episode of South Park," said Matt Stone, who created the series with Trey Parker. "In 10 years and more than 150 episodes Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show. To bring the civil rights struggle into this is just a non sequitur. Of course, we will release Isaac from his contract and we wish him well."

I thought it was one of best South Park episodes. (Tom, come out of the closet. You're not fooling anyone.)
Last week Bill Mahr said that the Mormons were thankful for Scientology as it makes them only the world's second weirdest religion.



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its pretty hypocritical of Chef.

4:29 PM, March 15, 2006  

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