Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 7 - Jimmy Hoffa Still Dead

Yes, just like Franco.

Milford, Mich. -- The most popular item on the menu at the Milford Baking Co. these days is the 95-cent "Hoffa cupcake," featuring a green plastic hand reaching up through chocolate icing and candy sprinkles designed to resemble earth.

Down the street, customers are lining up at Leslie Watson's art store to buy $15 T-shirts reading, "The FBI digs Milford, do you?"

A week of digging by investigators at the Hidden Dreams Farm outside town has turned up no evidence of the remains of the former Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa, but it has stirred a morbid sense of humor in residents of this village of 6,300 people.

"All the extra buzz around Milford has been a lot of fun," Watson said.

Agents are preparing to begin the next phase of their search for Hoffa, which began a week ago. Workers from a local demolition company said they were asked to arrive today to begin tearing down a 100-foot horse barn.

The barn stands over the spot where an FBI informant claims he saw Hoffa laid to rest in 1975, rolled up in a rug.

Well at least they're not listening to our phone calls. Way to go Alberto.

The news is boring. I'm busy.
Ho Hummmm........



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