Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well I haven't done a good rant in a long time. Are we overdue?

Victims. What are they and when do they deserve special treatment. Okay this isn't really about victims, those people in accidents or acts of nature. Nope this is about all those who like to think of themselves as victims but are mostly self-serving whiners.

Michael Richards. A victim of himself. You apologized, now shut up before you make it any worse. Jesse Jackson ain't gonna help ya. No more n-word. Bullshit Mr. Hymietown.

OJ? Oh lets not even start. I did that a week ago anyway.

Muslim clerics that pray in an airport and get tossed from a flight. Well don't act like terrorists and you won't get treated like them. For that matter, were they looking for that treatment? This whole load of crap about Islam being a peaceful religion. These guys keep spouting it but where is their condemnation of their not so peaceful brothers? Where is their acceptance of Jews or for that matter Christians? When do they quit treating women as property? Going by CNN the other night I saw a story about a muslim woman in the Netherlands whining about proposed laws against veils and burkas in some public places. Imagine if we tried to walk into a bank with a covering over our faces. Go someplace that is acceptable else just stop the whining. Oh and back in your homeland, if you get caught with your face exposed, they'll probably just whip you.

Lastly, the LA fireman who some feel was so victimized by being fooled into eating some dog food and wants $2.7 million dollars. The mayor seems to have a little sense and vetoed the settlement. Some reality here please. Dog food is not poison. There is nothing about it that will hurt a human, some of it may be better than what we get as fast food. A firehouse is a strange kind of frat boy's club. That's one of the reasons it's hard to put women into the mix. These guys pull a lot of silly pranks on each other and believe it or not, it's has a lot to do with what makes them a part of a team. So here we have an African-American fireman who has apparently participated in his fair share of hazing, deciding when he eats dog food he has been humiliated. His lawyers, and a city council whose own minority member's vote seems to favor the settlement, think it's worth almost $3 mil of the taxpayers money. Give him a few thousand and tell him to go back to work and act like the fireman he's suppose to be.

There are plenty of others, obviously myself included because of this posting. So please stop pretending to be victims and I'll quit whining.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

All K-K-Kramer had to say was he was trying out some new kind of comic stylings and it bombed, no apology necessary sheezus. People would have accepted that easier than the I'm all broken up over this speech before he took off to Aspen for Thanksgiving. I've seen bloggers use that word in writing and not even come close to apologizing for it yet they continue to uphold themselves as freedom fighters. This clown spews how he really feels and everybody acts all shocked and shit like rich people rich people arent supposed to act that way. I'd like to be privy to some of the conversations kramer and jerry have had I bet that little word got thrown around quite a bit. No shock there.

As for the dog food fireman he needs to man up and go back to work and admit he got played.

Then for the scholarly gentlemen, maybe if they tried pasting a smile on those repressed little faces of theirs once in a while folks might not get so nervous around them. Their activities in the airport were wacky and I cant wait to see how it plays out in court.

1:19 AM, December 04, 2006  

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