Friday, December 08, 2006

Hand Written

Should that be one word or two. Anyway I was reading a news item....
They couldn't remember how to write the letter "I."

Is it one loop or two? Does the pen start at the top of the squiggle or the bottom? "I forgot how to handwrite," says 18-year-old Kris Tofer Baker, as he mulls over the execution of a "w."

Don't misunderstand. Baker is an intelligent young man. He just hasn't needed to use cursive script since Grade 4.

"I print out or type the majority of my school work."

He's not alone. On the Ryerson and University of Toronto campuses, few students were able to handwrite naturally, when handed a black felt-tipped pen. After some moments of meditation, most remembered, sort of, how to script — although they couldn't remember the last time they needed to.

So I tried it. Not that I was ever a very good writer but man I really stink now. Twenty-five years on computers and the only thing I ever write is my signature. When I make notes or write check I always print.

Maybe I need this.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think they even teach proper hand writing in school any longer its all about print or at least thats what my daughter told me.

5:21 PM, December 15, 2006  

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