Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nanny York

The nanny state at it's worst.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City's board of health on Tuesday voted to phase out most artificial trans fats from restaurants, forcing doughnut shops and fast-food stands to remove artery-clogging oils from their cooking.

The law will require McDonald's and other fast-food chains that have not already eliminated trans fats to do so by July 2007. They will be given a three-month grace period before facing fines.

Makers of doughnuts and other baked goods will be given until July 2008 to phase out trans fats.

Well since y'all are too stupid to know what's good for you we'll place the onus on the businesses.

Please I'm not promoting unhealthy eating but if you want to avoid bad foods stay away from places that serve it. Any business that is concerned will do it and promote it. The only role government should play is making sure food establishments are clean and honest.



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