Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Rich Are Different

Well you knew that.
Paris Hilton left jail early today after spending four days behind bars -- only a fraction of the 23 days or more that Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials vowed she would serve.

Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters that sheriff's medical officials decided to have Hilton spend the rest of her sentence under home confinement, her movements monitored by an ankle bracelet.

"She will be confined to her home for 40 days," Whitmore said.

He did not elaborate on why officials decided to allow Hilton to leave the jail or whether some sort of medical condition was a factor.,0,

I'm guessing LA sheriff Lee Baca must not be planning on running for reelection.
The outrage from this should be good. The talking heads have lots of material now. All three cable news networks were leading with this story this morning.

Now as I, as much as most people just loved the idea of this over pampered bitch getting a comeuppance. The same way people felt about Martha Stewart, which I thought was a complete travesty of justice unlike Paris'.

At this point I'm guessing the only hope is she's still just as dumb as ever and will break her probation again. With a little luck she'll go before the same judge and it really won't be pretty. Then when faced with a six month to a one year jail term maybe she'll flee to Europe and hide. PLEASE!

Check here for a pic for her reassignment.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

One night in Paris Got her one night in Jail. I saw her booking photo and thought, "thats hot!"

8:29 PM, June 07, 2007  

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